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Karate Forearm Conditioning

This video showing how to train your arm stronger and harder with an master of Okinawan Uechi Ryu Karate.

With stronger arm, the blocking and striking will be more effective and harder.

But this exercise need time and materials and patience too.

Do not do it at home if you do not get enough these stuffs.

Spochan - A Weapons-Based Martial Arts Sport

Spochan is a martial arts that uses "air soft" weapons to practice various sword, staff & stick-based fighting techniques.

This martial arts "sport" was created by Tetsundo Tanabe. It originated in Japan and has spread to numerous countries around the globe. Spochan is also known as Sport Chanbara.

According to the International Sport Chanbara Association, "There are various different ways to play Sports Chanbara.

For example: Taisen is the way of fighting one on one Ransen puts a group of players against another group that comprise of a different number of players, such as a few players against one Kassen (team-match) is the fighting which the two teams are the same in number such as thirty against thirty or fifty against fifty, this form was called Ikusa, a common way of fighting in old days".

Air soft weapons are soft, air filled and padded weapons used to practice Spochan. These were designed for safety as Spochan is often practiced by children.

How to roll forward in martial art

Forward roll techniques are very important in many cases when you lost your balance in the front, or as you want to jump over high things in font of you. Do this skill help you reduce to get injury and return to your balance faster.

There are many ways to practice this skill, and many level from beginner to master.

Rolls (forward, backward, side ward) are called "ukemi" in Japanese, a lot of Japanese martial arts have ukemi as an vital parts with them, such as Aikido, Judo, Jiu Jitsu.

These videos below will give helpful information.

Basic Boxing Tips


Stay calm and punch lighter on the bag so you can last more rounds, keep your form together, and punch sharp. This will allow you to get in more minutes of quality bagwork. You want to have energy to hit the bag with correct form and keep your punches snappy, instead of spending most of your bagwork panting and huffing to show that you have “heart”. Don’t waste energy showing off on the bag – nobody cares.Don’t workout till complete failure. Get tired, break a sweat, and just push yourself a little more each day. If you go until failure everyday of the week without a reason, you’ll probably overtrain and quit boxing very soon.Drink lots of water. One cup every hour minimum!Make friends in the gym, be humble, and ask people for boxing tips. When another boxer beats you, ask him how he did it; you may be surprised at how helpful he might be at showing you your own weaknesses.


Turn your whole body into the punch. If your feet are slow, (most people have slow fe…