Spochan - A Weapons-Based Martial Arts Sport

Spochan is a martial arts that uses "air soft" weapons to practice various sword, staff & stick-based fighting techniques.

This martial arts "sport" was created by Tetsundo Tanabe. It originated in Japan and has spread to numerous countries around the globe. Spochan is also known as Sport Chanbara.

According to the International Sport Chanbara Association, "There are various different ways to play Sports Chanbara.

For example: Taisen is the way of fighting one on one Ransen puts a group of players against another group that comprise of a different number of players, such as a few players against one Kassen (team-match) is the fighting which the two teams are the same in number such as thirty against thirty or fifty against fifty, this form was called Ikusa, a common way of fighting in old days".

Air soft weapons are soft, air filled and padded weapons used to practice Spochan. These were designed for safety as Spochan is often practiced by children.

Many types of Spochan Weapons - Air soft versions:
  1. Tanto (dagger)
  2. Kodachi (short sword)
  3. Choken (long sword)
  4. Nito Tate (shield and sword)
  5. Jo (short stick)
  6. Bo (long stick)
  7. Yari (spear)


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